4100 Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80211
Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm
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4100 Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80211
Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the services we offer at Indulgences, please feel free to call us or send us an email; we are happy to be of assistance.

General FAQ's

Where can I park?

We are pleased to offer ample parking in our attached parking lot.  Street parking on the north side of 41st Avenue is also available, however be aware that there are parking restrictions April through November for street sweeping.

Are there places to eat near the spa?

We are literally surrounded by great restaurants! Everything from fine dining to casual take out is available in Lower Highland (LoHi), Highland Square, Tennyson Street, 32nd and Zuni; the choices are endless! All these great dining destinations are within an easy 5 minute drive from our spa. Feel free to consult our staff for specific recommendations.

Can I choose which room I receive my services in?

We will do our best to accommodate special room requests whenever possible. However, due to demand and service type, we may not be able to schedule your service in the specific room you requested.

Do you have a shower, steam room or locker room in your facility?

Yes.  Our facility offers lockers, showers and changing areas for both male and female clients.  In addition, we have a spacious state of the art steam room for the use of our guests.

Spa Etiquette

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time and longer if you wish to use the steam room prior to your service.
  • If you are late for your appointment, we will do all we can to accommodate you, however, it may be necessary to shorten or forfeit your service. In either case, you will be charged the full service price.
  • We accept walk-in clients on a space available basis. It is recommended that you call first to ensure that we are able to accommodate your needs.
  • Coats, purses and packages may be stored in a personal locker or may be left for safe keeping at the front desk. Since most of our services require the removal of jewelry, we recommend that you secure your valuables before your service begins, or leave them at home.  You are free to bring your own lock or use the lock provided by the spa.  We are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items.
  • Indulgences Day Spa is a “techno-free” zone. We ask that you turn off your pda’s and/or cell phones upon your arrival and refrain from using them during your services.
  • Due to liability issues and the comfort of our other guests, infants and children under the age of 12 are not permitted in our treatment areas.
  • Tipping is not required, but it is appreciated. The standard gratuity is 10 to 20% of the cost of the service provided. You may tip with cash or you may add gratuities to your credit card.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and of course, good old American cash. We no longer accept personal checks.
  • When scheduling your appointment, we require that you guarantee your reservation by providing us with a valid credit card or a gift certificate number. If you must cancel, we ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance (or as soon as possible) in order to allow us the opportunity to schedule the time with another guest. As we are holding this time specifically for you and are potentially turning away other clients, appointments not cancelled in advance will be charged the full amount of the service (or services) scheduled.
  • Sometimes due to health concerns, it is counter-indicated for us to provide a requested service.  We reserve the right to offer another service if this circumstance arises. We are unable to provide services to customers who are obviously intoxicated or under the influence of any mind altering substance.
  • Our steam room is provided as an amenity for our guests and is complimentary to any customer purchasing a service with a value of $50 or more.  You may purchase time in the steam room at the rate of $15 per hour.  Because it is a unisex facility, nudity is not allowed.  Please bring a bathing suit or we can provide you with a spa wrap or bath towel to wear while using the steam room.

Please remember that the time you spend with us is your time and it is our deepest wish to provide you with exactly the experience you desire. Please do not be afraid to ask questions or communicate with us if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable.

Skin Care FAQ's

Is there anything special that I need to do after receiving a peel?

We advise all of our clients to do the following things after receiving a peel.
1. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and wear a sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater. Peeling removes layers of skin, leaving the skin sensitive and extremely vulnerable.
2. Do not use exfoliators or alpha-hydroxy products for 7 to 10 days following a peel.
3. Do not use steam or take a very hot shower 24 hours after a peel.
4. Use a mild, fragrance free cleanser for 7 to 10 days and when cleansing, do not use a washcloth or rub the face aggressively. Gently pat the face with a soft towel when drying.

I’m pregnant and I would like to get a peel. Would you recommend it?

Not without getting an ok from your physician first. We feel a safer alternative might be our resurfacing facial which produces similar results without harsh chemicals.

I’m not happy with the results of the products I am using on my face but I feel really overwhelmed when I go to the store to buy skin care products. What do I really need?

Four basic products; a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen geared for your specific skin type. Doing just these four things can make an immediate difference in the appearance of your skin. Secondly, we would suggest a good exfoliator once or twice a week. We don’t recommend abrasive pads or ground up organic material as these can cause small cuts on the surface of the skin. Products such as eye creams, masks and specialty serums can enhance your skin or treat specific issues, but these are optional treatments.

I recently received a facial at another spa and the esthetician spent the entire time pressuring me to buy a lot of products. Does that happen at Indulgences?

Not at all! Your esthetician will give you a card at the conclusion of your service, listing up to three products she believes will be beneficial to you, however, there is no obligation or pressure for you to purchase these or any other products.

I have adult acne. What options do I have besides antibiotics, Accutane or Retin-A?

Adult acne can be quite challenging! First, we would suggest that you make an appointment for a skin assessment prior to purchasing any product. Second, we would recommend that you use a complete system of products that work in conjunction with each other and your skin, rather than relying on one or two “miracle” acne products. A good home care regime is the first step in treating acne prone skin. Lastly, we would encourage you to try receiving regular facials for a period of time. If after 3 months, you don’t see significant improvement in your skin, we would encourage you to see a dermatologist for more aggressive treatment.

How often should I receive a facial and what benefits will I get?

Optimally, your skin cells take approximately 28 days to reach the surface, so once a month it is beneficial to deep cleanse and remove impurities from the pores. We recommend a facial every four to six weeks, alternating between the 60 minute and the 30 minute facial each time. Regular facials can help your skin to look cleaner and clearer, adapt more readily to stressors and promote a more youthful and healthy appearance and tone.

Waxing FAQ's

Do I have to get naked for a bikini wax?

It depends. Obviously for a Brazilian wax, you will need to “drop trou” as we like to say. For a French or American bikini wax, you may get naked, which allows the esthetician better access or if you are modest, you may wear panties. (Please do not wear your nicest undergarments; there is a chance we could get wax on them.) We also have disposable spa panties available if you would prefer to use them.

What is the difference between an American, a French and a Brazilian bikini wax.

An American bikini wax follows the traditional panty line. A French bikini wax comes in a little further and leaves a small strip of hair. A Brazilian bikini wax is everything (and we do mean everything!).

Is waxing painful?

We’re not going to tell you that it’s the most pleasant service we offer, but it usually isn’t as bad as it sounds. We have found that two things determine a less painful experience from a more painful one; product and proper technique. First, for small and sensitive areas we use a stripless polymer wax that attaches to the hair and not the skin. This type of wax comes in two types; one for normal skin and one designed for more sensitive skin. For larger areas such as legs and backs, we use a strip wax, but again, a wax that is formulated to be less “sticky” to the skin. Secondly, we provide advanced wax training for all of our estheticians in proper techniques such as how to pull the wax off properly, how much pressure to apply, how to observe the direction of the hair growth and sectioning the waxing into smaller areas, which reduces the potential for pain, bruising and bleeding.

Every time I wax it seems like I get really bad in-grown hairs. Is there anything that I can do about this?

Yes there is. First, we recommend that three days after you receive your waxing you exfoliate the area with a washcloth, loofah or brush on daily basis. This helps to remove dry skin that can block pores and lead to in-grown hairs. Secondly, we do offer two topical products than can reduce or eliminate in-grown hair by shrinking the pore and forcing the hair to grow upward. Please ask your esthetician about Tend-Skin or Bikini Saver when you receive your waxing service.

Is there anything I should do or avoid after I wax?

Yes. Please do not engage in a workout immediately following waxing as perspiration can cause rashes, irritation, redness and breakouts. Avoid exposure to the sun and tanning booths for 24 hours following a wax. Do not take a hot shower or use a hot tub for at least four hours following waxing.

Is there anything I should avoid or know before I wax?

There are several things you should know before you wax; first, if you have or have recently had a bad head cold, it is not recommended that you receive a lip wax, as the skin in this area is thin to begin with and can be more easily torn or damaged after a cold. Second, if you have recently applied a sunless tanning product, waxing can pull skin and cause the tanning solution to fade more quickly. Third, please do not tan either in the sun or in a tanning booth 24 hours prior to waxing. Lastly, Accutane, Coumadin or other blood thinners, alpha-hydroxy acids, Retin-A, glycolic acids, hydroquinone, topical cortisone, and some antidepressants can aggravate waxing. Also it is not recommended that you wax after receiving micro or manual dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, a peel, or surgical removal of any growth in the area to be waxed. Please call us for a consultation prior to scheduling your waxing session if you are using any of these products or have recently received any of the aforementioned procedures.

How long will a waxing last?

In most cases, a waxing will last between 4 and 6 weeks.

If I wax, will the hair grow back?

Yes, waxing only eliminates the hair temporarily, however, over time you will notice that the hair that does return is thinner and finer.

How long does my hair need to be before I can get waxed?

Generally, we need your hair to be at least ¼ of an inch to successfully wax.

Massage FAQ's

Can I get a warm stone massage if I am pregnant?

No. Since Warm Stone massage raises the core body temperature, it is not recommended for expectant mothers.

If I drink all this water, won’t I have to go to the bathroom during my massage?

Well sometimes that does happen. If it does, just tell your therapist; we have robes available in all our treatment rooms.

What can I do to achieve the maximum results from my massage therapy session?

First, as we mentioned earlier, drink lots of water both before and after your massage. We would also advise against drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol prior to receiving a massage. If you must attend a social event following your massage, we caution you to consume alcohol in moderation; it tends to have a faster effect due to increased lymph and blood flow. If you do drink alcohol after a massage, please consume two glasses of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. It is not recommended that you eat a heavy meal prior to massage. A 20 minute hot bath with Epsom or sea salt can help soothe sore muscles and draw additional toxins from the body. Most of all, we recommend that you take it easy after your massage; try to schedule a massage on a day that you can relax afterward and enjoy the experience.

Do I have to converse with the therapist during my massage? I’d rather not talk but I don’t want to seem rude.

Your massage is your time. If you want to talk, then we’ll talk. If you want silence, then we will only speak when we have a specific question regarding your treatment. It is entirely up to you. (and no, we won’t think you are rude!)

My mother has never had a massage before and I would like to get your couples massage with her. Can I schedule a couples massage if I’m not a traditional “couple”.

Absolutely. We have performed many couples massages on mothers and daughters, best friends, brides and bridesmaids, you name it!

I’ve heard about all these different kinds of massages. What are they and how do I know which one is best for me?

A: That’s a good question. It can be very confusing to someone who is not a massage therapist to know what is what when it comes to massage. We offer the following glossary of terms to help you choose which techniques might be of interest to you.
Swedish – Swedish massage is a system of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active or passive movements of the joints. Generally, Swedish is the most common massage technique practiced and is the basis for most massages.
Deep Tissue – Releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the grain of the muscles, tendons and fascia. It is called deep tissue because it also focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.
Trigger Point/Neuromuscular Therapy – Applies concentrated pressure to “trigger points” (painful, irritated areas in muscles) to break cycles of spasm or pain.
Myofascial Release – Is a form of bodywork that is manipulative in nature and seeks to rebalance the body by releasing tension in the fascia. Long, stretching strokes are utilized to release muscle tension.
Cranio-Sacral Massage – is a technique for finding and correcting cerebral and spinal imbalances or blockages that may cause sensory, motor or intellectual dysfunction.
Reflexology – Massage that is based around a system of “points” in the hands and feet thought to correspond, or “reflex” to all areas of the body.
Shiatsu and Acupressure – An Oriental –based system of finger pressure which treats special points along acupuncture “meridians” (the invisible channels of energy that flow through the body).
Sports Massage – Massage therapy focusing on muscle systems relevant to a specific sport or activity.
Our therapists are versed in all or some of these specific massage techniques. If there is a specialized treatment you are interested in, please let us know when you call to schedule an appointment.

I’m feeling a little under the weather. Will massage help?

While massage can help when you feel achy from over exertion, massage can exacerbate symptoms when you are ill and is not recommended.

Once after a massage, I got a really bad headache. Why?

You were most likely dehydrated. It is recommended that you hydrate your body prior to a massage and even more important to drink a lot of water afterward. Massage moves toxins out of the muscles into the lymph system and water is the best way to rid these toxins from the body. Drinking lots of water for 24 hours after a massage will ensure that your body receives the maximum benefits of the massage.

I had a massage once that left me sore and bruised. Is that normal?

Some soreness and occasionally bruising after aggressive massage is normal, but can be eased with the application of ice after the massage. Please do not be afraid to communicate with your therapist if the pressure he or she is applying is too deep or is extremely painful. All of our therapists are well versed in a variety of techniques; please let your therapist know your specific intention prior to the start of the massage.

I’ve never had a massage before. What can I expect? Do I have to get completely naked?

It is our first priority to ensure your comfort, both physically and emotionally during any service we provide. All massage sessions are performed in private rooms and your therapist will discuss with you prior to the start of the service any questions or issues you may have. All clients are discreetly draped during the entire service and are welcome to choose how much of their clothing they wish to remove for the massage. Please be advised though that clothing can interfere with the ability of the therapist to provide the best possible treatment.

Body Treatment FAQ's

What if I don’t like to be wrapped up tightly?

We can adjust the wrap to your comfort, however if you are extremely claustrophobic, a body treatment may not be the best choice.

Do I have to remove all my clothes?

It is best to remove all clothing because the products we use may stain your undergarments.

Does it help me lose weight or eliminate cellulite?

You may experience some water loss due to the heat process of the wrap, however there is no evidence of significant weight loss.   It will not eliminate cellulite.

How long am I wrapped up for?

While some of our body treatments are scheduled for up to one hour, you will be in the actual wrap for no more than 20 minutes.  The rest of the time includes body brushing,
applying or removing product and applying lotion.

Why should I get a wrap?

Wraps are made to work with heat and are good for detoxifying the body.  They are also very hydrating, so they are excellent for dry, itchy skin.

Does a massage come with the treatment?

While you are wrapped up, we do a scalp and foot massage.  You may add a one hour massage to any body treatment and receive a $5 discount.

Memberships FAQ's

How long is my membership?

Memberships are for a one year term and will automatically renew on the anniversary date

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, after 3 months with 30 days written notice

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, for up to 90 days, again, after 90 days of participation in the program

Can I transfer my membership?

No. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. However, you can transfer your monthly service or a roll over service for a $10 transfer fee

How often can I transfer a service to the same person?

Once every 6 months, again for a $10 fee

What if I want 2 services a month?

You can purchase a second service at your low membership price, as long as the service is performed Monday thru Thursday.

Do I need an appointment to use my service?

It is recommended to make an appointment in advance to ensure we have the availability to accommodate you. Our normal cancellation policies apply to all scheduled appointments

When will I be billed?

Your membership is charged to the credit card on file on the same day each month

Do my benefits roll over?

Unused services roll over for up to 12 months. You can use or transfer 1 rolled over service per month


Can I fail a drug test if I use products that contain CBD?

No.  Drug tests look for levels of THC in the blood, not CBD

Will I get high from CBD?

No, CBD is non-psychotropic, so it does not have any intoxicating effects.

How does CBD work?

Both CBD and THC interact with cells within our bodies by activating the cannabinoid receptors. Without venturing too deeply into technical terms, these receptors are responsible for transmitting signals within our bodies, causing different physiological effects.

What are the benefits of CBD?

Research has shown that CBD has strong anti-oxidant, anti-   inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, anti-tumoral, and neuroprotective qualities. CBD-rich products are being used to treat a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, cancer, Crohn’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, antibiotic-resistant infections, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, and more. Academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere are currently studying the effects of CBD on these and other ailments.

Will CBD interfere with other medications?

CBD is a very safe product, however, we advise all our clients to check with their physician if they have concerns prior to using CBD products. As CBD is a more potent inhibitor of cytochrome P450 than the grapefruit compound Bergapten, you should ask your doctor if grapefruit interacts with your medication. If grapefruit does, then CBD probably does, too. 


Stay Informed