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How Dry I Am

The cold weekend weather was a reminder that winter is right around the corner!  And for many of us, along with winter comes problems with dry, itchy skin.  We see a lot of dry skin here at the spa and are frequently asked what can be done about it.   If you find dry skin to be a problem, here are some tips that will help relieve your discomfort

  1.  Add Some Humidity – Winter means turning on the furnace and that means dry, hot air.  Using a humidifier puts moisture in the air, which can provide some relief.
  2. Hot Water – Many of us enjoy a hot shower or bath during the winter months, but that hot water can wreak havoc on your poor dermis.  Go ahead and enjoy your hot shower or bath, but when you get out, don’t be super aggressive toweling off; leave a little moisture on your body.  Follow that up with a little body lotion to seal in that remaining moisture.  If you find you need a little more moisture, using body oil or an oil based exfoliating scrub while in the shower can amp up the moisture content considerably.
  3. Exfoliate – Speaking of exfoliating scrubs, it’s always a good idea to exfoliate, no matter what the season.  Now don’t go crazy!  A light buffing with a washcloth or brush a couple of times a week is all it takes to slough off any dry skin.  Being too aggressive when you exfoliate can be counterproductive, actually exacerbating your dry skin problems.
  4. Check Your Soap – Not all soap is created equal!  When soap is made (a process called saponification) a by-product of the process is glycerin, a humectant that actually attracts moisture.  Many commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their soap for use in other products.  Using soap that retains its glycerin will quickly result in skin that is softer, smoother and less prone to bumps and flakes.
  5. Bundle Up – Wind and cold air dry out and chap skin.   Minimize the amount of skin you expose to the elements by using gloves and a scarf.

Remember that we offer a variety of services that can give you a jump on overcoming your dry skin issues and have several products that can help maintain healthy skin.  We hope you find these tips helpful and that the only flakes you encounter this winter are snowflakes!


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