4100 Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80211
Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday 10am - 6pm


4100 Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80211
Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Waxing Services at Indulgences Day Spa

Not the most pleasant of services, but we do our best to ensure as comfortable an experience as possible. Our services feature Ciripil wax, a European wax formulated for use in sensitive areas. Ciripil wax sticks to hair and not skin, which alleviates much of the discomfort that is traditionally associated with waxing. From backs to brows, legs to bikini, our award winning aesthetics staff will have you hair-free in no time!

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Waxing Services

Services and Prices Vary – See Below

Brow (15 minutes) – starting at 18.00*

Lip Wax (10 minutes) – 15.00

Chin Wax (10 minutes) – 15.00

Face Wax (10 minutes) – 20.00

Arm Wax (30 minutes) – 35.00

Underarm (30 minutes) – 30.00

Bikini (20 minutes) – 30.00

French Bikini (30 minutes) – 40.00

Brazilian Bikini (40 minutes) – 60.00

Half Leg (40 minutes) – 40.00

Full Leg (50 minutes) – 50.00

Back Wax (30 minutes) – starting at 35.00*

*subject to time and amount of removal required. Your esthetician will advise you prior to the start of the service. We reserve the right to increase pricing on any individual waxing service based on the amount of hair and the amount of time required.

Lash and Brow Tinting

Services and Pricing Vary – See Below

Step away from the mascara and the brow pencil with our lash and brow tint services. Our estheticians will help you select the perfect shade to darken your eyelashes or define your arch, using your brows to create depth and shape. A treatment will last 4 to 6 weeks and give your eyes an instant WOW!

Brow tint, 18.00

Lash tint, 28.00

Brow and lash tint combo, 38.00

Brow wax and brow tint package, 25.00


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